The best fit for your Classroom

Limited/No Budget

  • This is a common problem.  I realize as an educator that everything costs money and we get paid much less than we are worth. Here are a few suggestions I have:
  •  If you can buy ONE box - I have suggestions for how to make this work.  If you can get two other teachers to buy one box each, then you will have a set of three that you can take turns using.  
  • Write the types of locks down on a piece of paper and have the students fill in each combination.  When they have all of the correct combinations they "break in"
  • Replace the toolbox (approx. $11) with a 3-ring pencil saves almost $7 per box!
  • Reduce the number of locks that you have - just remember to reduce the time limit too!

SPED or Resource Classes

I can't stand to hear people say, "That won't work in my class."  Of course it will - it will just require some modifications on your part.  Here are a few ways you can modify it for SPED or Resource classes:

  • Just use one lock - Focus on the ONE skill you want them to do and create a single clue around that.
  • Stretch it out over two or more days.  It does not have to be completed in 45 minutes if that is not realistic for your students.  Let them work on it for 20 minutes a day and give them until the end of the week to break in.
  • Give them a new clue each day and see if they can solve all five by the end of the week!

One box for the entire class

While this might seem like a difficult situation, I actually like this problem.  Instead of a time limit, make it a race between teams.  Each team solves the same number of clues but the first team to figure out all five combinations gets to open the box!  I may try that in my room just to change things up!!