Breakout Box Supplies

Breaking Into Breakout Boxes Book

My provides you with ALL the information you will ever need on breakout boxes!  There are also ready-made clues in the book to get started right away.  The clues are appropriate for grades 3-8, but the concept can be applied to all ages and all content areas!  Click the link below to buy the book on Amazon.

Breaking Into Breakout Boxes

Breakout Box (aka a toolbox)

Any toolbox will do!  If you have one at home, feel free to use it...just make sure it has a place where you could lock it.  This link will take you to my suggestion, but any toolbox could work. 



This is ESSENTIAL.  You will use this to hold all of the locks onto the toolbox.  My recommended link is below. 


Letter lock

One of the five locks I suggest using.  The link to a good one is listed below.  If you don't go with my suggestion, make sure you buy a 5-letter lock - there are many 4-letter locks out there and the 5-letter lock is much better for breakouts. 

Letter Lock

Directional lock

Undoubtedly, this is students' favorite lock.  There aren't many options here and they can be expensive.  I have listed the cheapest (but good quality) one that I have found.  These are a little cheaper if you buy them in a pack, but I have listed a single. 

Directional Lock

Key lock

Pretty self-explanatory.  I have listed a cheap one (these don't have to be fancy). These are cheaper to buy two than they are to buy one sometimes, so I have listed a pack of three - and they are old fashioned looking, which I love!

Key Lock

3-digit lock

These are just a standard 3-number lock.  These can also be cheaper in packs.  I have listed a 2-pack, but it is well worth it to get a 3- or 4-pack, if you are building multiple breakout boxes. 

3-digit Lock

4-digit lock

Again, a lock with a 4-number combination.  And just like the last lock, these are always cheaper in packs.  I even buy a set of 4 so I have an extra. 

4-digit Lock

3-digit lock box

Not a necessary item, but a good one for more challenging breakout boxes. These are great if you are using a black light - it hides the black light but also keeps it from being damaged. 

3-digit Lock Box

Black light

I love using the black light to reveal hidden clues!  This is also not a necessity, but the kids LOVE IT!  The link I have provided is for a pack of five - it is a great value and all you will need (just don't forget the batteries!)

Black Lights

UV marker

A MUST, if you are using a black light. This is what you will write the clue with that the students have to use to open a lock.  Keep in mind - you are using it to write an clue, so you only need one!

UV marker