Clues of the week: Complete box for ----The Outsiders

4-Digit Lock

Church burning chapter
Rumble with the Socs chapter
Introduction to Cherry chapter
Johnny kills Bob chapter

The combination is 6-9-2-4

Letter Lock

Sodapop’s best friend   ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
The gang’s pet  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
Soc who owns the blue Mustang  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
The meanest guy in the gang  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
Soc who watches sunsets  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Highlight one letter from each name with the UV marker.  The combination is whichever letters you highlight!

Directional Lock

Put settings from the book up around the room with arrows on them pointing either up, down, left or right.

1. It’s a pretty rough hangout.There’s always a fight going on there and once a girl got shot.It was the biggest in town and showed two movies every night.

2.  I looked around for a “No Smoking” sign and couldn’t find one.We went in practically on tiptoe because the quietness scared us.A nurse appeared in the narrow doorway.

3.  Where they play football.

Ponyboy watches sunsets.People with less money live here.

4.  Gave me a kind of creepy feeling.The floor was stone, and hard.Real old and spooky and spiderwebby.

5.  Soda brushed the grass off his shirt.Curtis boys raced home from there.Trees and a fountain in the middle.

The combination is whichever arrows you have put on the settings in this order:

Drive-in, Hospital, East side, Church, Park

3-Digit Lock

Put the text into on of the following three categories:

  1. Everyone has problems          
  2. Good things don’t last          
  3. Always stick together

Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold

I had to (kill Bob).  They were drowning you, Ponyboy.

If the judge decides Darry isn’t a good guardian or something, I’m liable to get stuck in a home somewhere.

It’s just when you get used to everything that it’s day.

We were used to seeing Johnny banged up - his father clobbered him around a lot.

By then I had figured that all the noise I had heard was the gang coming to rescue me.

He’s (Bob’s) dead - his mother had a nervous breakdown.

He’s (Dally) just robbed a grocery store and the cops are after him.  We gotta hide him.

Man, I thought, if I had problems like that I’d consider myself lucky.  I know better now.

I had to be in it.  Right now the most important thing in my life was helping us whip the Socs.

Nothing gold can stay.

I think I’m going to leave town.  Take my little old Mustang and all the dough I can carry and get out.

The combination is the number of pieces of text that go into each category:


Key Lock

Picture of the Greasers cut up into puzzle pieces.  When put together correctly, the back will say, “Show to your teacher”.  After the teacher checks the picture, she will give them the key.

I Googled a picture from the movie, printed it out, and cut it into squares AFTER I wrote "Show to your teacher" on the back.