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Learn everything you need to make your  educational escape rooms a success- supply suggestions, new puzzles for your clues, modifications for your subject, and much more!  If you are new to breakout boxes, check out the book link below to learn the basics.  Once you know how they work, keep checking back for ways to make breakouts better!

Weekly updates:

Check in each week to see the Clue of the Week, book excerpts, and ideas for experienced breakout teachers to extend your clue repertoire.  No matter what your experience in breakouts is, there is something for everyone!


Get access to free resources and links to supplies that you will need to facilitate a breakout box or classroom escape room.  Even if you don't have much money to get started, you will learn about alternative methods to use in the classroom to get your kids excited about learning.  Escape games are a great way to deliver content in an engaging way to get students involved and can be tailored to any grade and subject area.  Get started today with this exciting resource that students will want to do over and over!


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